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  • "The 2017 strawberry season is coming along nicely. We are hoping to open mid June. Please stay tuned for more information. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or call us at 604-946-8216. Thank you for your ongoing support!"

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Emma Lea Raspberries

Our raspberries are available from mid June to mid July. These dates are approximate as the ripening is weather related. As with strawberries, we also have test trials of different varieties of raspberries, as some varieties grow better in certain soils and weather conditions. Once we are satisfied that these varieties of raspberries will produce a tasty, healthy product, we will grow several acres of them. The soil on Westham Island is clay and is one of the most nutrient rich soils in Canada.

Please call ahead (604) 946-8216 for our up-to-date message on products available. If you wish to place an order for freshly-picked product, please leave us a message and we will return the call as soon as we can. Or check us out on Facebook!


  • Please bring your own containers. Pails with handles are great as you can tie a string or scarf around the handle and either tie it around your wast or around your neck, freeing up both hands for picking and gently moving bushes to get the hidden fruit inside.

  • Pick only the ripe red fruit as it will taste the best.

  • Raspberries are very fragile, so you don't want to pile too much in a bucket, or else the bottom ones will get squished.


After washing, let them dry off on a towel, then eat or place on a tray in a single layer and quick freeze for hours. Then pack into an air-tight container for freezer storage.

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